” Impart the Fire” Monthly Webinar

Last Friday of every month @ 7:00 pm Eastern time

Click here to read our article “It’s time to Ignite – the fire is here!


 About our Eastgate “Impart the Fire” Webinars 

    From the heart-fire of God, comes a fresh baptism of the Spirit with fire that is birthing new life (Luke 3:16). Our goal is to impart the fire of His love that will increase the presence of God in your life that will empower you to fulfill your assignment. This fire is the light of His presence that reveals His glory – the manifestation of love.

   To registers for this free event, send an email to and in the subject line, put “Register me for ITF Webinar.” In the body area place your full name and we will get back to you. To prepare for this event, click here to read  a short article by Roy Roden. You will also be interested in viewing the testimony video below by those who have received an impartation of fire. The Lord’s presence is powerful during these meeting sessions. At the end of each session, we will pray for you to receive a fresh impartation of the Spirit with fire.  

Our Fire webinars are designed to cover the following areas and much more!

  • The Heart-fire of God
  •  The Baptism of Fire – Luke 3:16
  • The different aspects of God’s fire
  • The fire for healing and deliverance
  • Releasing the baptism of fire to others
  • Life as a torchbearer bearing the light of heaven
  •  Ministering as God’s messengers of fire (He. 1:7)

Be sure to check our our “Ignite the Fire” Eastgate Sunday Webinar.  This webinar is an on line interactive fellowship where we come together to share testimonies, release the anointing and minister in prophetic ministry. 


Impart the Fire Testimonies