School of the Watchmen / Seer webinar



This 9 week interactive webinar is designed to take you further into the heart of the Father to live life from heaven’s perspective to earth. During this 9 week session, you will learn about the roles and types of Watchmen, how to shift spiritual atmospheres, breaking spiritual strongholds and from the realm of heaven, cast down the realm of second heaven revelation.  As gate keepers opening the  gates for the King of glory to come in.  Also the visionary nature of the Seer’s anointing, the ministries of prophesy, visions, and dreams, ministering with angels, discerning of spirits, and the power gifts for healing and deliverance. You will also receive 12 audio teachings free to download not eh Watchmen’s ministry. All webinars are recorded for your reply convenience.

Please note: This is limited to 22 people so register early to reserve your seat.

Price: $125 dollars per person, married couples $150. Use the donation box below to purchase your order.For ministry leaders that would like to conduct this as a group, the cost is $125 dollars for the host, $35.00 per person that attends. For instance, if I am the host with 5 people in my group, the fee is $125 for me as the  host, and 35 x 5 for the group equals $175.00. The total cost would be  $125 for the host and 175 for the group which is $300 dollars.

See you then – In His heart and mine- Roy Roden