The Watchmen Ministry

For thus has the Lord said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees. (Isaiah 21:6)

Overview– God is restoring the ministry of the watchmen to the church. Without watchmen like a computer without firewall protection, the church is subject to virus attacks and infections.

Purpose – This seminar will equip those with prophetic vision and the ministry of intercession, to take their stand upon the walls of the Church as watchmen of the Lord. The following are some areas we cover:

Session 1- Watchmen Take Your Stand

· Why we need Watchmen today- Neh. 4

· The Lord sets the Watchmen – Is. 62:6

· The role of Watchmen – Habakkuk  2:1

· The purpose of watching- to see the King

· Jesus command to “Watch and pray.”

· The process of progression for promotion

This session will include a time for prayer to establish, anoint and affirm the Watchmen of the Lord to take their stand.


Session 2- Anoint the Shield

· Called from birth

· Anoint the shield – Isaiah 21:5-6

· Watchmen as gatekeepers – Isaiah 28:5-6

· Guard your temple – His Church

· The Watch of the Lord – building intimacy

· Stand in the gap – love motivated intercession Is. 59:15-16

· The call to guard and to build – Ezra 4:24, Is. 58:12

We will take the time to wait on the Lord, hear from heaven and then seek the heart of the Father for the interpretation and its application and pray accordingly.

Session 3- The Different Types of Watchmen

· Gods secret service

· Watchmen in the city – Song 3:3

· Watchmen on the walls – Is. 63:6

· Watchmen in the high tower – Hab. 2:1

· Watchmen in the countryside – Jeremiah 31:6

What type of watchmen are you? We will also include a time of sharing with testimonies that promotes and builds faith as well as understanding.

Session 4 – Watchmen, What Do You See?

· Seers in the body of Christ

· The gift of discerning of spirits

· Dry bones or a living army?

· The Sons of Issachar – knowing the times

· Seasons of times, cycles of time and the appointed time

· Angels on assignment as watchers

In this session we will conduct an open Round Table session to glean from the watchmen what they believe the Lord is saying to their church and region as Sons of Issachar.

Session 5- The Watchmen’s Authority

· Knowing your sphere of authority

· Building relationships based on trust

· Prophets at large –  Ezekiel 3:17-21

· The ministry of declarations and proclamations

· Releasing His Word with His heart – Is. 50:4

· The ministry of exhortation – the right emphasis

· Administrating prophecy to build integrity

We will end this session with an exercise to incorporate ministering the mind of Christ with His heart to release His Word as Watchmen of Destiny- Isaiah 55:8-12