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Eastgate Academy FB / Live broadcast replay

   Here is session 9- Possessing the glory “Restoration of David’s Tabernacle.  Acts 15:16 tells us that God will return to restore the Tabernacle of David that has fallen. The word “return” in the Greek means to overturn, to turn back. in King David’s time, the Tabernacle was a place of continual worship. Isaiah 16:5 […]

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Prophetic Tidbit: Are we leading, lagging or led by the spirit

   The other day while on a walk, I encountered a lady walking her dog. Ambling a few yards behind, the Beagle looked tired and disinterested. “Poor dog,” I thought, “It must be old.” I remarked to the lady, “He sure appears tired. “No, she said in a disgusted, slightly angry tone, “He just doesn’t […]

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