Prophetic Tidbits

Isaiah 22:22 Key of David Company

      Isaiah 22:22 Key of David Company And the key of the house of David will I lay upon His shoulder; so He shall open, and none shall shut: and He shall shut, and none shall open (Isaiah 22:22). We are now in the time of Isaiah 22:22 where the Lord is releasing […]

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A New Breed of Warrior

The Lord is mobilizing a special force, a new breed of champions to form an elite army – a Delta Force if you will. These chosen few have gone through some of the most difficult and exhausting training that rivals even that which has been devised by a man on earth – the School of […]

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The Battle for Worship

A battle front that is raging in the church today is that of worship. The adversary knows that we have crossed the River Jordan with new beginnings in 2008 and we have come to another spiritual level. ¬†With every new level there is an anointing for a new assignment. When Israel crossed Jordan, the Lord […]

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