Our Policies

The following is our policies which is the same as for MorningStar Ministries, which as a MorningStar Fellowship Church, is or ministry affiliation and covering.

We are a Fellowship- Although the structure is important, our primary motivation is to develop and promote relationships within PDM.

Unity with Diversity- We believe that God has created each one to be unique and set apart for His glory. Just as each snow flake is different, so are His people. In regards to doctrine we believe “In essentials unity, in non essential liberty, in all things charity.”

Cross – Pollination – We encourage and promote healthy interchange among our Christian brethren as well as to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Team Ministries – We believe in a plurality of leadership, but not co-equality of authority. PDM is lead by a team with Roy Roden as the general overseer.

High Standards for Operation – We are called to be joined in a commitment to those who are seeking to walk by the highest standards of faith, obedience, and sacrifice.

Easy to Leave PDM – We recognize that some may associate with us for a season. It is our intentions to send those members forth that depart for whatever reason, with our blessing and prayers.

Build Relationships with Other Members – relationships take a time to build and those who join PDm and it’s  network , should be prepared to take the time necessary to develop relationships within the network of Forerunners.

Do All Things With A Heart of Excellence – One of the greatest privileges is to serve the Lord with the grace, dignity, and integrity that benefits the King of Kings.

Maintain Biblical Standards – Leaders and the members of PDM are expected to uphold the highest Biblical principles required to be an example to God’s people.

Be Your Brothers Keeper – A primary function of PDM is to watch over each other and band together making every effort to recover our wounded from the field of battle.

Work To Unify the Entire Body – The members are expected to maintain good relationships with other churches and one another while avoiding any hint of competition or rivalry

Maintains the Highest Standard of Financial Integrity – Sound accounting practices and procedures are must be in place in the lives of PDM members.


The Way We Do Life

The way that we do life is based on God’s eternal Word. Our goal is to establish a culture of honor based on trust, love, and acceptance. The following is our core values that we live by.

As a nondenominational ministry, we show honor and respect to God’s people from all walks of life regardless of their church affiliation, denomination or ministry.

We have a zero tolerance for gossip and slander. We promote peace and unity and refuse to listen to negative reports about Church leaders, the ministry of our fellow brothers and sisters.  We promote love motivated intercession not criticism.

We follow Biblical principles for conflict resolutions according to Mathew 18:15-17. All issues are to be taken to the person you have a conflict with. Our leadership will not listen to or give counsel in this area but will ask them to go directly to the person they have an issue with and them alone.

We honor the anointing and gifts of the Spirit, but ask that you submit to the School’s leadership, policies and guidelines.  This ensures divine governmental order that all things may be done, but decently and in order. (1 Cor. 14:40).

We honor all men and women, regardless of race, creed or color. We are made in the image and likeness of our heavenly Father.

Although we honor the anointing, except by invitation and times of activation or as directed by our team leaders, we ask that you do not lay hands on any man ( 1 Ti. 5:22)  nor minister in your gifts. Paul tells us to know them that labor among you.

We promote the freedom of worship but ask that you consider your neighbor in a manner that does not distract them or that disrupts the flow of the worship service.