Isaiah 22:22 Key of David Company by Roy Roden 2-22-2011

    And the key of the house of David will I lay upon His shoulder; so He shall open,  and none shall shut: and He shall shut, and none shall open (Isaiah 22:22).


 There is clear trumpet call sounded from heaven to call a triumphant remnant to gather, mobilize and network as one to make a great advance. These are the forerunners that are aligning themselves with the heart of the Father that is creating a new alignment of relationships on earth. From the spiritual realm, these alignments are prophesying with a new authority, and under an open heaven, birthing new ministries on earth. Associate with this is an outpouring of the Lord’s joy and the spirit of might that is empowering His people with the heart of a Lion to do great exploits. 


   We are in the time of Isaiah 22:22 where the Lord is releasing the authority to empower, impart and equip a company of people with the keys of the Kingdom. These keys unlock the door of the Kingdom within His people that will enable them to rule with dominion under an open heaven with the authority of Christ the Lion. The Lord is now mobilizing a Davidic company of prophetic people that will rise and shine with His glory to manifest destiny by those that have a passion for His presence.

  As Isaiah 22:22 declares, the key of the house of David will be upon the shoulders of Christ. It is through His victory at Calvary that we have received the keys of the Kingdom of heaven that He promised to His disciples.  (See Mt. 16:19)  Jesus is the doorway for His people to walk in the light of His Kingdom to fulfill their destiny. Sitting at the right hand of the Father far above all principalities and powers, and every name that is named, the door that Christ has opened to rule with Him clothed in His glory cannot be shut by anyone.

  To those that respond to the call are given the keys of the Kingdom to rule with Christ.  This is the Isaiah 22:22 Company of prophetic people that are “…the manifestation of the Sons of God (Ro. 8:19). These are the Kings and Priest of the Royal Priesthood that dine in His presence as they rule in the midst of their enemies. They have the keys to open the doors of destiny to initiate progress and insure success that others cannot. They have the keys to open prison doors that set the captives free with the keys to build His church and “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mt. 16:18).

  The key of the house of David combines the priestly anointing to access the realms of heaven with the Kingly anointed to rule at the gates on earth. (Royal Priesthood) King David was the first to combine the priestly anointing to minster unto God to access heaven to obtain the divine counsel to rule as King on earth. This is the original plan that God ordained for mankind, which is to rule on earth with the blessing to “Be fruitful, and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it, and have dominion…” (Ge. 1:25). Mankind was created to rule on earth with dominion under the authority of God in heaven.

  The church is “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood” (1 Peter 2:9) with the call to walk with an open heaven to have dominion on earth. It is the prayer of Jesus for “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is heaven.” In every Kingdom, there is a King for Kingdom means, the Kings’ domain. The dominion of the Kingdom of God is realized when that which takes place in heaven is manifested on earth.

    Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and He will do this through His people.  The call is to arise and shine for your light has come to usher in the glory of the presence of the living God for heaven to be revealed on earth. Even in the midst of the greatest darkness, God will raise up a remnant that shines with the light of His glory that will pierce the darkness and displace demonic forces.  (Is. 60:1-3).

Go Ye Therefore

   Jesus prayer to the Father was for the same glory that the Father had given to Him would also be given to His people “that we may be one even as we are one” (John 17:22). Think of it! The entire splendor of heaven is our inheritance in Christ. It is His glory – the realm of the Kingdom which comes in His presence. The territory that God has assigned to you is your domain that you have the authority to rule as a Royal priesthood to occupy, prevail and prosper. It is within your sphere of influence that the divine nature of heaven itself and all of its splendor and glory be realized on earth as it is in heaven..

   Jesus declared, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore….” (Mt. 28:18-19)  Jesus redeemed the original plan that God established that man gave away to Satan when he fell due to sin. Jesus took it back this authority as the second Adam and now proclaims, “Go and take your territory for you were created to rule with dominion under the authority of Christ your King!”It is from the throne of triumph that Jesus declared that your inheritance as citizen of His Kingdom is to go forth and reclaim the land and prevail for “we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us” (Ro. 8:37).

   Now thanks be unto God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ, and makes manifest the fragrance of His knowledge by us in every place” (2 Cor. 2:14).

   It is the call of every believer to rule as a joint heir with Jesus to have dominion in the territory that God has assigned to them. Whatever your mountain is, whether it is the family, business, property or investments, you have been called to prosper, be fruitful and multiply, to subdue and rule with dominion as a citizen of the Kingdom.

The Release of Kingdom Keys

Christ is giving keys to the mother and fathers of the faith to unlock the Kingdom of God in others that will enable them to make a great advance. These are the Lions and Lioness emerging with the authority to protect the Lord’s own and take the prey. God desires to unlock the Kingdom in His people to bring forth the Kingdom of heaven through His people. The keys that God is releasing will bring about change in leadership and church structure as well as the realignment of relationships. It will also unlock the true identity of His people that will lead to new realms of glory and victory. Change will take place as God’s people are established in their true identity to posses their ordained inheritance as sons and daughters of the King. As  citizens of His Kingdom rather than being the prey they will be the victor taking the prey.

  These keys unlock prison doors that hold people captive to walk in the spirit of freedom and liberty. The apostle Paul tells us “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty (2 Cor. 3:17). When you received the gift of salvation you received the spirit of Christ into your heart!  Does not the scripture declare that the Spirit bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God and joint-heirs with Christ? (See Ro. 8:15-16) What is coming is a revelation of our inheritance as the saints in light as citizens of the Kingdom of Christ.

    Giving thanks unto the Father, which has made us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light. Who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the Kingdom of His dear Son” (Col. 1: 12-13).

Heart to Heart – Spirit to Spirit Communication

    It was the prayer of the apostle Paul for the Holy Spirit to enlighten our heart that we may see the things of God to know Him and the hope of His calling. Jesus wants you to know the riches of the glory of His inheritance that He has ordained for you. To know His mighty power given to those that believe. (See Ephesians 1:17-18). It is only when the eyes of our hearts see the things of the Kingdom of God that our minds can comprehend the riches of our inheritance that is ours in Christ. As Jesus said, “Unless a man be born again He cannot see the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit” (John 3:3 & 6).

    We see the things of the Kingdom of God with our spirit. You were created with a spirit by God for “God is a Spirit” (John 4:24). Because it is with the heart that man believes unto righteousness, we must have an open heart to see with our spirit the things of God. When our hearts are open to see then the understanding comes to our mind. This is why God does not speak to our intellect but to our hearts.

    Our heart is the throne where Christ is seated. The heart  lies at the epicenter of our temple where the authority, government and rule of God’s kingdom is seated. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you. As His temple, when you are filled with the Holy Spirit and Christ is seated on the throne of your heart, you are seated with Christ in heaven. This is the “heart to heart” connection that works by love that never fails. It is this “heart to heart” connection in spirit that keeps the line of communication between your spirit and His open. It is the life line where the authority, power, anointing and divine nature flows as a new creation in Christ.  God speaks to our heart so that our spirit can see the things of God.  

    Jesus is the Word of God and when He speaks, His resurrection life is contained in His word. Jesus is Life. When you hear His voice life comes to your spirit through your heart to heart communication with God.  God created mankind with a spirit for fellowship that we may experience Him in spirit and in truth to know His ways. This is why it is written in proverbs to “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life? (Proverbs 4:23).  Jesus said that the Father seeks those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Thus, in order to know His truth, we must know Him “in Spirit.” 



  The intellect cannot know God until God reveals Himself to the heart through the Spirit. It is this spirit communication with man that enlightens the mind of men in the true knowledge of Him.  It is the truth that is in the person of Jesus that brings understanding to our spirit that renews the spirit of our mind “As the truth is in Jesus” (Eph. 4:21). Jesus said, It is the Spirit that quickens (makes alive) the flesh profits nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life” (John 6:63).

     Jesus wants us to hear His voice that we may have His life, for the words that He speaks are Spirit. Because of their source- Christ who is the resurrection and the life, His Words impart life to us.  His Word has power to transform lives with the truth that makes men free. It is His Spirit that speaks to our spirit that brings light to our hearts and thus understanding to our minds. When we see with the eyes of our heart and our mind comes into agreement, faith emerges as our heart and mind become one in agreement. It is this mind shift that creates a unity between our heart and mind that creates a kingdom mindset that lines up with the reality of heaven.  It is also this alignment that by faith gives our spirit access to the Kingdom of heaven. (Ro. 5:2)

  This is the faith that pleases God that enables us to walk in an open heaven before the throne of God. Being in unity with God and His ways is one of the keys to accessing the blessings of heaven that is ours in Christ Jesus. When our spirit abides in Him, we withdraw from the resources of heaven that which we need to fulfill our purpose. God does not meet our needs; He supplies what we need according to His riches in glory in order to fulfill our ordained purpose and destiny in Christ “ Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ” (Eph. 1:3).

  Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen. (He. 11:1)  A heart that does not see is blind and a mind that relies on its intellect and understanding cannot perceive the things of God because the things of the Spirit of God are spiritually discerned.

Now we have not received the spirit of the world, but the spirit of God that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. But the natural man cannot receive the things of God; for they are foolishness unto him: nor can he know them because they are spiritually discerned (1 Cor. 2:12 & 14).

When the mindset shifts to that of the Kingdom, the awareness of God’s Kingdom begins to be perceived in the spirit of a person, even in the spirit of your mind. The Kingdom of God comes in the reality of God’s presence. Your heart, emotions and intellect was created by God to perceive (see) the things of heaven. When your entire being is in alignment with heaven, you will become a lightning rod that attracts the presence of God to walk in His light. Because heaven comes in the presence of Christ, you will release the Kingdom of heaven on earth. What you are conscious of and that which you are walking in, is what you will release into the atmosphere around you.

  Jesus said that the Kingdom of God comes without observation and will be in you! Jesus also said that if a man will serve Him and follow Him, we will be where He is stating “Where I am there will my servant be also…” (John 12:26). If the Kingdom of God is in heaven and the Kingdom of heaven is in you, then how can you be in two places at once? Easy! When you abide in His presence, your spirit is in union with His, then you will be where He is for “He that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit” ( 1 Cor. 6:17). There is no distance between the reality of His presence and your life in Him. Because you were created as a spirit and God is a Spirit, you can be in His presence. I refer to this as “being in the river.” When you are joined to Him the power of His presence takes you forward. The Spirit of God is like a river as it is always moving.  Thus, as you respond to His voice and follow His leading, you will always be growing in power, light, love and life. Change is a natural part of the supernatural life in Christ that takes us from glory to glory. It was the prayer of Jesus for the Father to give you the same glory (His Spirit) that the Father gave to Him to His people you may be one in them (John 17:22). 

   As you abide in Christ  you will be where He is. To be one doesn’t refer to believing the same doctrine, but being of the same Spirit – His and yours as one. It is His presence that makes us one. Because heaven comes in the presence of Christ, wherever He is there is the divine nature of heaven and where the divine nature of heaven is, there is Christ. When Jesus said to let our light shine, He wasn’t referring to our good deeds and works, but the light of His living presence for “The Spirit of man is the candle of the Lord…” (Psalms 20:27). It is His presence in you, the Kingdom of heaven that is the light of God that is to shine through you that reveals His glory. Like the face of Moses that shone with God’s glory, your spirit is created to shine with the light of God’s presence that clothes you in His glory.

  The Spirit of prophecy which is the testimony of Jesus is now imparting greater grace to open the eyes of His people that they may see Him, hear His voice more clearly, and follow Him. The times require that we hear His voice more clearly with the wisdom to navigate through the days ahead. The call is to:

”Arise and shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For, behold darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people, but the Lord shall arise upon you and His glory shall be seen upon you (Isaiah 60:1-3).

Unlocking Destiny

   The eye of the Father is upon His people to reveal to them their true identity that will unlock them to become who they are created to be. The Kingdom of heaven is our home and our inheritance that is to be revealed on earth. We have witnessed the power of transformation by some basic teaching that we give in regards to the truth that we are a spirit with a body created by God who is a Spirit. Those who realize who they really are – a spirit created in His image, have a whole new mindset that enables them to experience the reality of God’s presence. We were created with a spirit that is able to soar in heavenly places while our soul lives in our bodies here on earth.

  The Lord has blessed us with the grace to release the spirit of a person from the natural realm to the spiritual realm. During these times people find a new found freedom that is often expresses like an eagle that is soaring on the wind of the Spirit. Many report o of Jesus the Lord and others visions of the heavenly realm. We often witness in the eyes of these people a beam of the Lord’s light radiating in their heats. I believe that this is His love that has filled their heart. Some will also receive an impartation of fire that sets them ablaze with His glory while others that of great peace and joy. Joy seems to be the most common impartation for in His presence there is fullness of joy that breaks out. Even the most serious dogmatic realist breaks out with a new found freedom as the joy of the Lord overtakes them.  All of a sudden they begin to experience the spiritual life they knew existed, but didn’t know the pathway that enabled them to dwell in His presence.

   When the spirit of a man connects with His creator who is a Spirit, the spirit of a person comes alive with the Spirit of God.  It doesn’t matter how long they have been a Christian, this experience “shifts” them from the natural to the supernatural realm before your very eyes.  As their spirit is released to the throne of God, the light, life, and glory of God touches them and awakens them to their destiny. This experience is life changing. What takes place is an infusion of the light, life and love of God that remains within them. You can see the light come into their eyes as their countenance changes. In other words, they own it and as they walk in His light, His glory becomes their spiritual reality not just a Biblical theology.

God is raising up mothers and fathers with the key to awaken hearts that will enable them to see who they really are so they can, from their place of true identity, step into the place of their purpose with Kingdom authority. The door of your destiny will open to you as you are spiritually aligned and postured in Christ. It is only when the eyes of our hearts are opened to see how God created us in His image and positioned us as citizens of the Kingdom that we can understand who we really are. Our true identity is not in what we do but in our being! Earth is our assignment while heaven is our home.

   The eyes that see the Lord will have their heart full of love for God is love. As the apostle John declared God is love and He that abides in love abides in God and God in Him. (1 John 4:16) Abiding in the love of God is the major key that transition us from the hallway of who we think we are and that which we are created to be. It is the power of His love that moves us from glory to glory. Love is the divine nature of God. The apostle John also states that as He is in heaven so are we on this earth! (1 John 4:17). That means that you were created to be recipients of God’s love until you become as He is – full of His divine love. It is this love that enables us to know His heart and thus our own.

Christ the Lion of Judah

   We are in a season where the authority of Christ the Lion of Judah is being released into the earth.  The roar of the Lion of Judah is roaring into His people so that the Kingdom of God in His people comes forth that reveals the authority of Christ the King. Ever since September 11 of 2010, (9-11)  I have seen numerous visions of the face of a Lion and have heard the sound of the Lions roar as Christ the Lion of Judah roared into the earth. The Lions roar is imparting a new level of faith with the authority to take back the Land and possess it. Those that hear the sound of the Lions roar are receiving an impartation of the courage, strength, and heart of Christ the Lion of Judah. This is the “Lions heart” anointing that is empowering the knights of Christ to prevail in battle. the prophet 

The Tabernacle of David

   It was during the Harvestfest Conference at MorningStar in September 2010 that a lady in our church, Lisa Richards, discovered the art work that represents the vision that I had for over 20 years -the Davidic Company of radical worshipping warriors. This artwork is on the first page of this article and is our official shield that represents our “Key of David” worship and praise ministry. The scepter represents Kingdom authority, the sword the Word of God, the crown the Kingly anointing of the Royal Priesthood and of course the keys of the Kingdom. Christ as the Lion of Judah is crowned as King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the center of the shield.

   Amos 9:11 declares that in the last day the Lord will raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, a tabernacle for the Spirit of God where those that seek after the Lord will come and worship from all nations. This prophecy is also recorded in Acts 15:16,

  After this I will return and will build again the tabernacle of David which is fallen down, and I will build again the ruins of it and I will set it up. (17) That the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the Gentiles upon whom My name is called says the Lord.

    The tabernacle of David is a house of worship made of living stones, a prophetic people that are lovers of God with the heart of David. David was known by God as a man after God’s own heart because He sought to know the heart of God.  The tabernacle of David, are a people of the Royal Priesthood empowered with the authority to access the realms of heaven to rule at the gates on earth.

  As the tabernacle of David is restored, like the worship service noted in 2nd Chronicles 5:13-14,  as the trumpeters and singers make one sound to be heard in praising the Lord with instruments of praise, the house of the Lord will be filled with His glory. This is the glory that is to fill the tabernacle of God –a house of worship for “a habitation of God through the Spirit” (Ephesians. 2:22).

   The angels of heaven itself will participate with the worshippers as they make one sound to glorify God. New sounds and songs will be released from heaven with power that will usher in God’s glory. The sound of Christ the Lion of Judah will also be heard. As His voice roars into the earth the enemy will be scattered and prison doors will fling wide open with signs and wonders as God heals the broken hearted, the lame walk, blind see and those in bondage are set free.

  And like the victory by Israel noted in 2 Chronicles 20:21-22, as the company of worshipping warriors, marched before the army of the Lord singing praises,  the Lord will go before them to set ambushes to smite their enemies. Instead of being ambushed the Church will witness the slaughter of their enemies by the King of glory.

   The Lion of Judah will also be roaring through a prophetic people that are joyful in their King. (See Psalms 149) As the Church worships the King of Glory who is worthy of all honor and praise, the Lord will go out with His strong sword and slay that piercing serpent that deceived His people. (Is. 27:20, 21 & 27:1). As praises go up God’s glory will come down and “The Lord will go forth like a warrior; He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes; He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies” (Isaiah 42:13).

   The God of Glory is about to thunder throughout the land. (Ps. 104:7) The Lord is about to roar into your life that will bring down the strongholds that have held you captive to set you free. As King David so skillfully declared,

   “Who is this King of glory” The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Who is this Kind of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory (Psalms 24:8-9).

  The Lord of hosts means captain of armies. The Lord is releasing the angels of heaven to participate with His worshipping warriors on earth and they shall prevail against their enemies, take the land and possess it for an inheritance.

   Get ready for impartations that will unlock your destiny. Get ready to hear the Lions roar with the authority to unlock the Kingdom of God in  you that will set you free to be who you were created to be in His image. Get ready to receive the keys that will unlock the Kingdom of God in you that will enable you to manifest destiny to rule with dominion under an open heaven. Get ready to receive an impartation of the authority of Christ the Lion.

In His heart and love,


Roy Roden