Testimonies of God’s Amazing Grace

These testimonies reveal the ministry of the Father’s heart that impact lives  A fresh baptism of His love is here. 



Greetings, (Reference) 

    I have known Roy Roden for a number of years and can testify that Roy Roden walks in a humility that has allowed him to receive a biblical understanding of the unique role and calling of the ministry of the watchman. Attending the School of Watchman/Seers will enlarge your personal vision of this vital ministry and serve to release you into your calling as a watchman in this critical hour.

 David White – Lead Pastor of The Gathering Church (Morningstar Ministries), Moravian Falls, NC



Dear Roy and Eastgate Ministry Team:

What an extravagant time of Joy we experienced corporately in your three-day school held here at The Gathering Place Church in Moravian Falls. NC.  For me personally, the word “kaleidoscope” is a good description of what I experienced as the truth of the word was displayed in many different ways.  Extreme facets of God’s Love and Joy were literally poured out upon us all in all six sessions.  The laughter from you Roy was infectiously HEALING.  It hit deep tap roots in my Spirit and soul. The impartation of the Spirit supersedes the teachings and they are revolutionary. Since attending the Watchman School of the Seer in October, clarity and access into Father’s Heart have accelerated for me to a new level I had not before experienced.  I gained a new and growing understanding of my personal watchman calling in the teaching sessions.  I experienced a greater joy and more specific prophetic release in the breakout sessions.  I experienced being with seasoned and novice intercessors all receiving at individual levels the equipping that was uniquely presented.  Deep satisfying new energy for prayer – like getting a “NEW BATTERY” not just a recharge of the old- truly, a “new lease” on my prayer life.  MORE, please!

Lauretta Phillips
Intercessor at Morningstar
Alumni of IHOP KC 2004-2005


Hi, Roy!

  When we left your meeting, we noticed we had come to a much deeper level of worship. Thought you might also want to hear the report of the weekend seminar I did on the courts in Spartanburg. Holy Spirit with the Glory manifested STRONGLY on Friday evening. The atmosphere was as thick as I’ve ever experienced with the Glory of His Presence. The teaching was interspersed with “interruptions” of His Glory on both Friday evening and Saturday. We did as you had prophesied a few weeks ago about the “doing and teaching”. The pastor of the church hosting us Virgil Howard with his wife Linda experienced the Glory coming to rest upon them and upon the entire place. It was a pleasure to be a part of what God did. And God “wrecked” a few folks in the process!
Blessings, Ron and Adina Horner

Hi Roy –

     On November 9, 2014, at our monthly gathering at the Eastgate House of Glory in Augusta, Me, Roy Roden prayed and prophesied total freedom from the constraints of people over me. Strongholds were broken and shackles were removed.  I received a fresh anointing or commissioning to go to the nations speaking His word of restoration and healing to others as a testimony of Jesus as talked about in Revelation 19: 10. Roy spoke of how the Lord has prepared for this time and season to take His fire to others He will show me. As I read my Bible consuming its nourishment, it will become flames of fire as I speak with others. In a sense, being a fire breathing Christian because He has done it.

    Fruit:  I just feel different. Free-er to be who I am and who He called me to be. Much less concerned about man’s opinions and thoughts, a true liberty had come to me. The sensitivity to His Presence has been multiplied. It has brought fresh peace and rest.I keep prophetic worship on in my home 24/7. The following day I came home from work to be greeted by the strong presence of the Lord. It was difficult to take care of a few things before I spent the better part of the evening on my face in worship. I just couldn’t get enough of His presence! The only thing I really wanted to do is to worship Him and let Him take me deeper into His love.Julie Nicholson, Ellsworth Maine 


  Dear Pastor Roy & team,

  Just a quick note to say how I was blessed by your ministry at The Gathering Church (my home church) in Moravian Falls earlier this month.  At the final breakout session, I paired up with Lisa Richards.  I can’t tell you how blessed I was with her seer gifting and sensitivity to the Spirit.  Both of your expressions of the gift of laughter throughout the three-day conference was uplifting and encouraging.  Your entire team was wonderful!

  Blessings,  Ginny Forestieri


Hi Roy,

  The Destiny Eastgate Ministries team came to the Gathering in Moravian Falls for a four-day School on the Watchman. Roy Rodon imparted seeing what the Father is saying into the foundation of the church.  This is a prophetic community and his teachings brought an impartation of love through his emphasis on seeing people, situations, the nation through the eyes of the Father. He demonstrated how to bring about a spiritual shifting in people, the church, and the community by releasing love, joy, and peace. He emphasized a culture of honor as we learn to respect one another differences in our ways of perceiving in the heavenly realm.  Not only was their excellent teaching by the impartation through doing.

 Be blessed. Jackie and Dan Hanselman



 I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting you in Moravian Falls. I am from Charlotte and was blessed to hear your teaching Friday and Saturday. When I came home I had the realization we are in the decade of Ayin-to see. It was impressed upon me how important your message is to The Watchman-Thank you for bringing it and I am praying that it will expand to the north the south the east and the west for all to hear!

Blessings, Mary Hellberg


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