Leviathan Defeated


Mentioned in both the Old and New Testament, this principality shows up in “the deep.” You will encounter this subtle yet powerful adversary whenever you venture into the deep places of God’s call. Especially those making an advance in the Kingdom to take ground and occupy it.

It’s purpose is to grip the mind, twist communications, create confusion and cause division. It especially attacks ministries and those advancing in the Kingdom in the attempt to preempt a coming move of God. This spirit, the patron saint of Satanism, can and must be defeated.


This is a one of a kind 5 CD teaching set on Leviathan. By permission, two are by Lance Wallnau called “Exposing Leviathan 1 & 2 and three by Roy Roden titled, Breaking the power of Leviathan, Breaking the curse of Leviathan and Unleashing the Sword of the Lord (Is. 27:1). In this series, you will learn about the operation of Leviathan and his purpose. Not only to discern his operation but how to combat this patron saint of Satan who can and must be defeated.