Sons of Thunder – by Roy Roden

    Clothed in radiant light and glory
Christ rides on His majestic white stead
As captain of His army He does lead
To destroy the works of His enemies 
Wielding a two edge sword in victory 


   The clarion trumpet call has sounded
“Come follow me” all you sons of thunder
And mount up to ride in the heavenly realm 
Where Christ rules at the right hand of the Father
Far above every name, principality and power 


   Chosen as sons/daughters of war and valor 
They roar as a Lion – a voice that thunders
And proclaim with Kingdom authority
The decree that cast evil bands asunder
That Christ has risen as Lord and King 


   Endued with power from on high
With weapons from the arsenal of heaven
They march as one to the heartbeat of the Father
To take back and occupy the enemies acquisitions
In the spirit of Elijah, their rightful possesion
    Clothed with grace in the armor of light
Birthed of nobility of the Kings Royalty
As Kings and Priest with the Spirit of Might
They form an elite force united in Christ
As knights of chivalry they do fight 


  Called as messengers of divine power
They bear the torch of God’s living fire
To set men free from the rule of oppression
To build and to plant without concession
With the Father’s love HIs reign among nations  
 These are the Manifested Sons of God – men and woman of valor created in His image
Horses running