The Authority of the Lion by Bob Jones

   The following tidbits are transcribed from a video message by Bob Jones giving a word for the year 2011 at MorningStar Ministries. 

    Starting September 10th, the year of the Jewish calendar is the year of the Lion, the time when the Lion begins to roar. When the Lion roars, He roars into the earth not th air. His roar proclaims, “This is my territory” and the vibrations go out for miles and miles. We are coming into the authority of the Kingdom like you haven’t seen before. 

  Don’t quit. Keep interceding, keep partitioning for the authority of the Word of faith is in you. It is in your thought life, heart and conscious. You need to begin to claim it and to roar. In your spirit man proclaim, 

   This is my land and I am going to take it back. This is my land and I am going to heal it. The authority of the Lion will carry it to the ends of the entire earth. 


A Time of Change  and The Lions and Lioness

  Leaders are coming forth that are both men and women that are lions. The Lioness takes more prey than the Lion do at times. So you Lioness get read to take the pray and lead people to the Lord. The roar of the Lioness is about to be heard in the earth. The roar that vibrates the earth itself. The earth has been waiting for that so that it can be restored. 

  What is getting ready to take place is total change, Change such as we have never seen for we have not been this way before. 

   We are in the time of the greatest change that has ever been seen, which includes the nation of Israel. We are in the time of Isaiah 22, which is to birth the Keys of the Kingdom, the keys of change.  This is the time of Alatheme, which means “Father of the remnant.” Get ready for the Lions and Lioness to come forth with the keys of the Kingdom. They keys are given to unlock the Kingdom of God that is in you. 

 This is the year that the Kingdom will be unlocked in you, the year that the authority of the Lion is going to roar into you and unlock what is in you so that the Kingdom of God can come forth that will reveal the authority of the Lion. 

  One of the ways that the authority of the Lions and Lioness will do this is through the fathers and mothers of the faith that are coming forth. They have served the Lord with their spirit according to Romans 1:9, “For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of His Son, that without ceasing, I make mention of you in my prayers.”

  The real Fathers and Mothers are coming to the front now. Their only love will be to unlock you! To release you to where you can see the Kingdom of God coming forth in power on a level you have never seen before. This is in preparation for one of the greatest harvest that the world has ever seen.  

   We are getting ready to see a change and we need it and it is going to happen. It’s been in the works for over three years.  Get ready to see the change in you! 

  Everything that Jesus did when He walked the earth is that which we are to do also. When Jesus said, “For if I cast out the Satan by the finger of God, then the Kingdom of God has come unto you. Get ready to loose the finger of God at cast down Satan out of the Church. Out of your families, out of your cities, out of your nations for what is coming is a harvest of a billion souls. 

  So the change in Is. 22 is for us to get ready to set you free to speak what the Father has for years given to you that is in you. And get ready to see the authority the authority released through you.  


Make Way For The Kingdom

  Make way for the Kingdom of God is here and is coming forth this year in you. Cast off all restraints for this is the year to soar to experience the heavenly realm. The year that God is dealing with those who are not Kingdom minded that is self centered and focused that have heart issues. The Spirit of truth is coming to reveal the truth and break curses that have entered the soul realm when the spiritual life has been tainted and corrupted. 

   God is separating the precious from the vile. Doubt, unbelief and double mindedness is being dealt with. The Lord gave to Bob Jer. 15:19, 

  Therefore says the Lord. If you return, then will I bring you again and you shall stand before Me: and if you take forth the precious from the vile, you shall be as My mouth: let them return unto you: but return not you unto them.

  Bob also stated that our heritage will no longer be delayed any longer. The Lord is having compassion on His people to return us to our land. The scripture for this is Jer. 12:21-28. According to Ez. 12:1, the delays that we have experienced, such as in the financial, needs to be prayed in. It will no longer delays. It is time to pray in what is needed to stop the hold ups of the past. 

   This is also the year that the delay for the past years prophecies are coming forth. In the past God has given revelations but without the authority to bring them forth, which has lead to much frustration. We are now being called to pray them in. Get ready for the authority of the Lion to come forth, especially by those praying one for another.


Year of Impartation

   Rather than serving and obeying God with the mind, we are to serve and obey God with our spirit.  (Sometimes we have to tell the mind to be still and listen to your heart, which I call the “Numbskull anointing.)

   This is also the year of impartation based on Romans 1:11. So there is a commission by the Lord to those whom the Lord has matured to the ministry of impartation. It is those who serve the Lord in Spirit that will have the ability to impart according to Ro. 1:11. Get ready for impartations such as you have never seen before. The religious spirit and other spirits have kept people locked up but this is the year when you will get loose! 

 Get ready for corporate impartations that unlock you where you are to come into a new liberty and freedom to realize who you really are! The Kingdom is in you.

  The same seed that was in Jesus when He walked this earth is in you. In this coming season the worst thing that you can do is to limit Him. Don’t limit God for you are going to get unlocked with a new freedom and liberty that you didn’t know you had.