The Woman of  War – A poem by Roy Roden

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  Her voice is soft but roars like thunder.

With fire in her eyes without even a whisper  

She wields her sword casting demons asunder

As she rides with Christ her lord and savior


  A woman of valor with the spirit of a warrior

But in worship falls prostrate as a willing captive 

To the abounding eternal love of her heavenly Father

The place of freedom where joy is her master  


  Like Queen Ester, she holds the eye of the King

As Jon of Arc the armies of heaven, she does lead

Through intercession, she moves the heart of the Father

Who empowers her with might as her chief commander


  Led by the Spirit of divine wisdom

She mines from above like precious silver

Hidden in the vault of her pure heart

Lies the issue of life, her divine treasure


  A mighty warrior that roars like a Lion

But tender in heart for the Glory of Zion

Skilled in the art of war in the Lord’s hand

She subdues for dominion her promise Land


  Strong as an ox even in bitter winter

But bold as brass if you ruffle her feathers

And yet gentle as a warm summer breeze

Her love for freedom will always set you free


  This is the nature of God’s great warrior! 

The woman found in the heart of Abba Father

Who remains faithful in the face of great danger

As God’s white knight in shining armor


July 31st, 2012

                           Roy Roden